Large Concert Organiser uses Ray and Rain

Posted on March 09, 2022 by Geoff Van Der Meer


JPJ Audio Pty Ltd have been in business since 1970 supplying a vast array of sound equipment to every facet of the Entertainment Industry, Television and Motion Pictures, Theatre, Music Festivals and Concerts, Sporting and Corporate Events, and so on.
We're talking the biggest names here, including Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Snoop Dogg, The Eagles Tour. You may have heard of Festivals like Sound Wave, Splendour in the Grass, Big Day Out. Or the really big productions, Lion King, Nutcracker on Ice, River Dance. The Aria Annual Awards, AFL and NRL Grand Finals, Australian Open Tennis, Australian Idol, and so on. JPJ Audio have a very long list of top shelf clients.
All these events require extensive audio visual equipment. Included in this expensive top end array are speakers. These days speakers come in all shapes and sizes, and if you have lately attended any of the aforementioned events, you may have noticed some VERY LARGE Speakers.
It's likely they were supplied by JPJ Audio.
All these speakers have fabric front covers, that can become damp with moisture, or at times, even wet. But, these speakers contain electronic components and computer chips.
That's not a good combination.
According to Mr Jim Straw of JPJ Audio, one of the main problems they have, is keeping the moisture from absorbing into the fabric speaker front covers, and damaging these expensive and complicated internal components.
JPJ use our fabric waterproofing range, Ray and Rain, to protect these speakers from rain, water and moisture.
So next time you're at a Concert, and you are looking at those speaker towers, you are probably looking at Ray and Rain as well.    

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