Yvonne de Mille Artist - Anti Fading Solution

Posted on April 20, 2022 by Geoff Van Der Meer

      Yvonne de Mille is a New Zealand artist who has been working and teaching in various creative fields, and producing fabrics and textiles sculptures for over 28 years.

She is internationally recognised for her skills, her work appearing in exhibitions and sponsored commissions in many countries around the world.


Yvonne is well known for using brightly coloured sail fabrics and hand dyed silks to make banners, pennants and highly original kites. Many of these are very large indeed.

Her latest project is a banner installation in the foyer of the New Zealand National Library in Wellington.

This atrium area receives alot of light, and since the banners are made of fine silk, Yvonne was concerned about colour fading.

She contacted us for a solution.

We were able to provide our Solar Shield fabric protection spray to protect the silk banners against the tremendous amount of UV rays to which they will be exposed.

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