Question : How are the products different? They all seem to do the same things, so why are there three different ranges?

Answer : Each range is slightly different. Although all the three ranges provide fabric protection against liquids and spillages, staining and and sun-fading, we don't say "one size fits all", because we can do better than that. Each formula is tailor-made for the specific environment for which it is designed.  For example, Solar Seal, which is recommended for indoor fabrics like carpets, curtains, soft furnishing fabrics and so on, would be too soft for the outdoor fabrics such as awnings, tents, umbrellas etc, where waterproofing is more of an issue and the sun can be more harsh. In that environment, we recommend you use Ray and Rain. You could use the other ranges and they will provide protection, but we have optimised each spray to each item, and its environment.


Question: How long have these sprays been around?

Answer: We have had chemists and chemical engineers working on these products for over 4 years from concept to development. They have received substantial field testing. Patents have been approved in many countries, including Australia, the US and EU, Canada, Japan, and more are pending. The products have been available to the general public in the US, Canada, Mexico for a number of years, and are only now available to consumers in Australia and New Zealand.


Question: How long will the sprays last?

Answer: For maximum protection, we advise your spray be reapplied once a year. We are confident that if you apply your spray properly (see "How to Apply the Sprays" under FAQs and Technical Data) it will protect and provide sun protection, and significantly extend the life of your fabrics, while maintaining their original colour. 


Question: OK. So what does "significantly" really mean?

Answer: Here is the history. There are thousand of types of fabric that are used indoors and outdoors, and every day companies come out with new ones. There are thousands of variables of dyes and fabrics, colour "fastness" etc. There is no way anyone could test them all. So, what we did was take the worst ones we could find, the ones that fade like crazy and don't last long at all. We treated them with our three ranges of fabric protection sprays, Solar Seal, Ray and Rain, and Solar Shield. We conducted extensive testing on these samples (see "Testing Information" under FAQs and Technical Data).  The technical data is quite technical, but the short answer is that the sprays all changed an inferior fabric into something worth having.


Question: Are the sprays safe to use?

Answer: Our sprays are non toxic and environmentally safe. They are non-corrosive, free of phosphates, chlorine and methanol. They contain no ozone depleting compounds or hazardous waste characteristics. They are completely VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) compliant.


Question: How do I apply the sprays?

Answer: The sprays are very easy, safe, and quick to apply to your fabric. Go to "How to Apply The Sprays" under FAQs & Technical Data. An instruction sheet accompanies each bottle when you receive it, and every bottle has application and safety instructions on the bottle label.


Question: Will the sprays wash off? If I wash a cushion cover will it still be protected?

Answer: "Wet" cleaning of the textiles will only remove a small percentage of the protection.  DRY cleaning will remove most of the protection. Wiping will have little to no effect. We recommend that the textile get a "booster shot" (one application, not two) if the textile is cleaned. 


Question: Why do I have to re-apply the spray after 12 months? Does it wear off?

Answer: The reason for reapplying the protection in those time frames is that sunlight and other light will gradually degrade the U.V. inhibitors that are present in our sprays. It is these U.V. inhibitors that delay the break down of the dyes in your textiles. In other words, these UV inhibitors work to protect the colour, and retard fading. Reapplication will ensure that these UV inhibitors are present and doing their job.