Fabric Protection Sprays

The best protection under the sun and rain ! 

We call our business Fabric Protection Sprays, and that describes exactly what we do. We are Specialists in fabric protection.  All kinds of fabric, both Indoors and Outdoors. One of our sprays will protect your fabric.

  • *Twice the coverage of the average fabric protection spray
  • All our sprays will provide protection against the sun. That's Ultra Violet protection, and our sprays will retard fading
  • All our sprays will waterproof your fabrics, and protect them against the rain, water, and other liquids
  • All our sprays will give you a protective barrier against spillages and staining

The sprays are easy for you to apply, and last for a long time. They are not expensive. They will extend the life and look of your fabric for many, many years.

Our sprays are non toxic and environmentally safe. They are non-corrosive, free of phosphates, chlorine and methanol. They contain no ozone depleting compounds or hazardous waste characteristics. They are completely VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) compliant with a Worldwide Patents approved which includes an Australian Patent.

There are three separate ranges of fabric protection sprays to choose from. 1/ Solar Shield, 2/ Ray and Rain, and  3/ Solar-Seal. They are similar, but different. Each spray is formulated for a particular type of item or environment. To find the correct spray for your fabric or item, go to 'Your Fabric Type'.

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The sprays do not work on vinyl or protected (fake) leather. Every other fabric or textile is fine. To find out more about the sprays, how they work, how to apply them, testing and technical information, go to 'FAQ & Technical Data'. 

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