UV Protection Fabric Spray

Solar Shield

Solar Shield offers the best protection against harmful UV rays and spills, without compromising the look of your furniture.

The Solar Shield range of sprays, are a revolutionary new approach to durable fabric protection. They will extend the life and look of your fabrics by protecting against the sun UV, fading and colour loss. The protective barrier also guards against stains and spills, which can simply be wiped away. These sprays represent the cutting edge in ultra-violet chemistry. This micro-emulsion formula will not change the look or texture of your fabrics in any way.

See our Fabric Protection in Action

The water repellant properties in all of our fabric protection sprays, means water and other liquids run off your item, or can be wiped away easily. See the proof yourself!

Solar Shield is Suitable for:

  • UV Fabric Protection
  • Anti Fade Protection
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Boat Upholstery
  • Car Fabric protection
  • Auto Upholstery
Solar Shield - Small
Approximate Coverage :    18-25m² of Fabric
Solar Shield - Medium
Approximate :
35-50m² of Fabric
Solar Shield - Large
Approximate Coverage :
140-200m² of Fabric
Solar Shield - X Large
Approximate Coverage :          700-1000m² of Fabric
1-2 Chairs Motor Vehicle Interior Carpet, 1 room Carpet, multiple rooms
Bedspread Most Lounge Suites/3-4 person couches
Large Lounge Suites/5+ person couches
Very many items
Mats Most Outdoor Settings
Large Outdoor settings/many cushions
Commercial Applications
2-3 Cushions Internal Boat Upholstery Multiple Items Industrial Applications