Solar Shield fabric protection spray and Dom Perignon

Posted on November 02, 2021 by Geoff Van Der Meer

One you can drink, the other you can crack against the bow of a ship as you launch it !

Seriously. Don't drink your Solar Shield spray. Yes, it is non toxic, EPA approved, environmentally friendly, and smells nice, but please don't drink it. Please.

When Julie and Marty Blackmore took possession of their brand new apartment, in the fabulously unique 'Two Girls' building, in Abbotsford, inner city Melbourne, naturally the first thing they did was crack a bottle of Dom Perignon, Vintage 2004, to celebrate the event.  

The second thing they did was set about researching what they could do to protect their furniture from fading. Their lounge is directly north facing, and cops the full force of Melbourne sun, which can be fierce. Not wanting to obscure their impressive cityscape view with constantly drawn blinds or curtains, they demanded a better option.

The main item to be protected was the centrepiece imported Danish buffalo leather couch. Fifty years old, it had already faded considerably and they were keen to stop or slow down that process. 

The couch is a beautiful, stylish piece, and they just don't build them like this anymore. For one thing, Denmark has run out of buffalos. And secondly, they just don't build them like this anymore. You cannot replace the true patina of age and class.

We recommended our Solar Shield spray be applied. This ensures that fading and damage from the ultra violet rays of the sun will be considerably reduced. The look and feel of the buffalo leather will not be changed in any way, and it will also be protected against stains and spills. In other words, the life of this piece will be extended, and it will look better for longer. At least another 50 and more.

We are often asked what types of fabrics and textiles can our sprays be used upon. Is leather even a fabric? The answer is our sprays will protect every type of fabric, but will not work on vinyl, or what is known as 'protected' leather. Thats 'fake' leather, which can often be found in motor vehicle upholstery.

Our products work just fine on real leather though. Good quality leather will enjoy good quality protection. Not a problem.

In fact, all our sprays work better, on better quality fabric. That stands to reason. Cheap fabric, using second rate dyes with third rate colour 'fastness', will be protected, but not as well. Sun fading will be retarded, but not as much. The waterproof barrier will be applied, but won't last as long. You will have some stain protection, get the picture.

All of that is the subject of another blog post, at another time.

Meanwhile, round at the Two Girls building, the Blackmores are curled up on their 50 year old Danish buffalo leather couch. They are not adding their ages to that of the couch, to come up with an astronomical number. That is not their style. The '04' Dom has mysteriously evaporated.                                                                                                      All is right with the world.

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