How to Apply the Sprays

"How to Apply"and "Safety Instructions" are included on the label of every bottle of our fabric protection sprays. Please read the instructions on the bottle carefully:

  • - Use an all plastic spray bottle. If you have purchased our plastic ‘trigger’ sprayer, it can be attached directly to the bottle.
  • - Shake well before using. Do not dilute.
  • - It is always wise to test the spray on an inconspicuous place on the item you are planning to treat before you spray the whole thing. You do this by wetting the corner of a white towel with the product and gently wiping it on the fabric. Remember, there are a lot of sub-standard fabrics out there and you want to make sure the fabric is 'colour fast' before you treat it. If no colour comes off or if just a little colour comes off on the towel, you are good to go.  If a whole lot of colour comes off the fabric, then you should probably not spray it, or you should only spray it very lightly. 
  • - Make sure your fabric is clean and dry before you apply the spray.
  • - Although one coat will do the job, two light coats are better than one heavy coat.
  • - More is not necessarily better. There is no need to ‘soak’ your fabric. Apply the spray with a light mist. If you’re doing it fast, you’re doing it right.
  • - NB. The previous point is important. Light, misty sprays only, and do NOT soak the fabric. We want your spray to permeate the individual fibres, but not to also create a coating on the outside of the fabric surface.
  • - Although your fabric may be dry in 3-4 hours, effective ‘curing’ takes longer. Do not apply the second coat for at least 24 -72 hours. At 72 hours the fabric will have reached maximum ‘curing’. The curing process is necessary for the UV (ultra violet) and stain and waterproofing inhibitors to fully bond to the fabric.
  • - The sprays have a slight, not unpleasant aroma. This will dissipate. If the aroma is strong, and lasts for an extended period, it is a signal that you have over applied the spray. Until the aroma has dissipated, the curing process is not complete. Curing needs to be properly complete to achieve maximum protection, waterproofing, UV protection etc.
  • - Protection will be good for 12 months, after which time you should reapply.
  • - When your bottle of spray arrives, it may look slightly ‘squashed in’. This effect is known as ‘panelling’, and is caused by changes in temperature. It is nothing to worry about. When your bottle is unsealed, it will quickly return to shape.
  • - Store the bottle in a cool/dry place. Once opened, the product has an indefinite shelf life.
  • - Works on all fabric types, except vinyl or ‘protected’ (fake) leather.