Car Fabric Protection Spray

This is Australia, everything fades in the sun. But it doesn't have to ! Our Solar Shield fabric protection range is perfect for Australian conditions, in fact our formula has an Australian patent. Once applied, your interior car fabrics will not only be shielded against UV sun fading and damage, but you will be protected against spills and stains. Simply wipe them away. Our sprays are successful on all fabrics, but not vinyl or 'protected' (fake) leather. They work great on real leather though. (For fabric convertible tops we recommend our Ray and Rain range).

- Not water based. Tougher protection against our climate
- Latest micro-emulsion chemistry formula has Australian Patent approved
- Environmentally safe and non-toxic. No unpleasant odour
- UV protection retains fabric colours for longer
- Protective barrier against liquids, spills and stains
- Easy to apply, and quick to dry. Will not change the fabric appearance in any way

Look after your car