We now sell Klager top quality spray bottles.

Posted on June 05, 2015 by Geoff Van Der Meer

The Klager is a very high quality pressure spray bottle, manufactured in Germany.

- We like it because it provides you with three very useful benefits. 

- First, it will successfully provide uniform spray coverage. This is important, as our sprays work best when applied lightly. We don't want you to 'soak' your fabric.

- Second, it is fast. You can easily spray large areas, in a matter of minutes.

- This is achieved because the Klager is equiped with a pressure pump plunger. A few pumps, and you are ready to go.

- Third, this sprayer is made of high quality industrial materials, that are resistant to solvents. This means it will last you a long time. You can use it for all manner of sprays, solvents, cleaners, and it won't break down.

- Automatic safety pressure valve, VITON seals, 0.8mm adjustable nylon nozzle, heavy duty head and pump.

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