Now Available in Australia and New Zealand

Posted on March 17, 2015 by Geoff Van Der Meer

Our range of fabric protective sprays have been tested, proven  and available for a number of years in the USA, but are only now available for the first time in Australia and New Zealand.

Fabric Protection Sprays was founded in 2014, as a direct result of the Principals, Geoff and Alison Van Der Meer scouring the world for a product that would protect their new charcoal coloured lounge suite from fading, spillage and stains. The harsh Australian sun had turned their previous couch setting almost white, and the children and grandchildren, as can be expected, covered it in stains.

After following a number of false leads, their extensive research and due diligence lead them to identify the Solar Shield, Ray and Rain, and Solar Seal ranges of fabric protection sprays, as the only products that would do the job. In fact, the products did a lot more as well. They discovered that these sprays would give protection to all sorts of fabrics, both Indoor and Outdoor. The sprays were versatile, could be applied to all sorts of items, and they worked.

Securing the marketing and distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand, they formed Fabric Protection Sprays, deciding their name should precisely describe what they do. They set about the development of a Website and Online shop, that would ensure the means to provide relevant information, and efficiently and cost effectively deliver these ranges of protective sprays into those marketplaces.

Based in Sydney, Australia, where the sun can be unforgiving one minute, and the rain torrential the next, theye use these products because they are effective, and they are affordable. Their mission is to help others extend the life of their own fabrics as well.

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